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Quick Start Guide 2018-06-08 12:31 | Views: 808

Managing Your Account

You can manage your website from our clients area.

The client management system will allow clients to order services, manage services, contact support, become an affiliate and purchase paid hosting directly under our brand and whilst payments are sent directly to our sponsors etc.

We also have a hosting management system called cPanel, which you can use to manage your website hosting and emails accounts.

Logging into cPanel

To login to cPanel, you should open the addesss provided in your welcome email, and use your username and password, also provided in your welcome email, to login.

Once you have logged in it's recommended to change your password as described in the next section of the quick start guide.

Changing Your cPanel Password

Once your free hosting account is setup, it is recommended to change your password. You can do this by following these 3 steps:

1) Log into Client’s Area

2) Open Your Service Page & click ‘Password’

3) Enter your new password twice, and click ‘Confirm’

Setting Up Your Nameservers

The following guide guide will tell you how to setup your nameservers for your website.

Owned Domains

If you choose to use your own domain when you registered for your hosting account, you will need to setup your nameservers.

To do this you will need to login to your domain panel with your domain provider, open the management page for your domain and locate the nameservers section. You may be required to set your DNS or Nameserver settings to 'Custom' so you can modify your domain's nameservers.

Once you have the nameservers page open and working, locate your welcome email which contains your account details. This email also contains your nameservers which vary based on which server you are on.

You should have 2-4 nameservers in the email, with one per line in the list. This is the way you should enter the nameservers with your domain registrar, one per line.

If you have any issues with setting up your nameservers please contact your domain registrar. If your domain registrar can't help we will try our best to get you the support you require. Please visit who.is or whois.com and lookup your domain, if you don't know who your domain registrar is.


Your website will automatically work if you choose to use our subdomain, when you registered for your free hosting package.

We would like to remind you though, we do not usually allow subdomains to be used if a customer leaves us, however we can forward domains for up to 7 days after a free hosting account is closed.

FTP Details

Please use the following FTP Details, once your domain has propagated to our nameservers;

Host : FTP.YourDomain.com

Username : Your cPanel Username

Password : Your cPanel Password

Default Directory : public_html

Please make sure to replace the above details with your own data, this is just the names of the information you need to login with.

Uploading Files

You can upload your files either with an FTP Client, or with our built-in file manager.

When uploading using either method, make sure your files go within the 'public_html' folder, otherwise visitors to your website will be unable to see the content you uploaded.

Top Tip : You should name your home page either index.html, index.php or index.htm.

Customer Support

If you require support we recommend checking our knowledge base and YouTube channel first.

However you can contact our support team by email or ticket, if the above resources don't help you.

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